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Web Statistics


Web statistics allows you to view statistics on web sites that you manage.



UCSB Requirements for web pages using third-party web analysis tools



All web pages that use third-party(non-UC) web analysis tools have at least two requirements:
  1. Each web page must have a link to UCSB's "University of California, Santa Barbara Privacy Notification Statement" web page at, and the "University of California, Santa Barbara Terms of Use" web page at
  2. The data that is collected by the third-party provider must not be used for non-UC related purposes. 

Using a UCSB Connect Account with Google Analytics



Google Analytics ( is a popular and free web analysis tool.  Use your UCSB Connect account ( when signing up and creating an account on Google Analytics.  
If your UCSB Connect account is deleted then data collected using that account may be deleted as well.  You should consider designating additional administrators to the Google Analytics Account.

Configuring Google Analytics on your site



You must change the Data Sharing Settings in Google Analytics(GA) to ensure that any collected website data is for UCSB's local use only.  These changes apply to each account you have configured.
Go into Google Analytics as an administrator, go to ADMIN tab >> Account Settings.  Disable the following options under "Data Sharing Settings", and click "Save":
  • Google products & services  
  • Benchmarking  
  • Technical support
  • Account specialists 




Additional Reading & References



Please familiarize yourself with policies and guidelines relating to user and data privacy.


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