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File & Web Tools Guide: Remote Files


Remote Files allows you to add, remove, and manipulate files located on shares you have access to. These include your Home Directory, File Shares, and Web Shares.


Access your Remote Files

  1. Login to LSIT Services.
  2. Click File & Web Tools. Click Remote Files.
    Remote Files Menu
  3. Click the Server menu. Select the location you would like to browse.
  4. Click Login.

Changing and Creating Directories (Folders)

The current File Path and directory name are displayed at the top of the screen. Depending which location you initially selected, you will see: "[File Shares]", "[Web Shares]", or "[Home Directory]".

  • To open a Directory:
    1. Click the desired Directory Name.
    2. The File-Path will change accordingly (eg [Home Directory]/directory-name).
  • To return to a parent Directory:
    1. Click the desired Parent-Directory in the File-Path.
    2. The File-Path will change accordingly.
      To move up more than one Directory at a time, click the desired Directory in the File-Path.
    Changing Directories
  • To create a new Directory:
    1. Navigate to the desired Parent-Directory.
    2. Click the Folder icon at the top of the folder list.
    3. The Create Folder window will pop up with a blank text field.
    4. Enter the name of the directory. Click OK.
      Create Folder
    5. A new directory will appear in the file list.

Upload and Download Files

  • To download a file:
    1. Click the "Hard Drive/Red Arrow" icon next to the file-name.
    2. If prompted, select a destination to save the file.
      Downloading Files
  • To upload a file:
    1. Navigate to the desired upload destination.
    2. Click the Choose File button.
    3. Find the file on your local computer.
    4. Click the Upload File(s) button.
      Important Note: The maximum file size for an individual upload is 50MB.

Manipulate Files and Directories

The Actions menu contains all the tools you need for working with files and directories. Click the checkbox next to the directory or file you wish to manipulate, and then make a selection from the Actions menu:

  • Change Permissions: Change Group Read/Write Permissions for Web Share files.
  • Delete: Delete the checked file/directory.
  • Rename: Rename the checked file/directory.

Choose a Different Share (Change Server)

In the upper right of your browser screen you'll find the Change Server menu.

Changing Shares

Click this menu and select the Share that you wish to access. The file list should change automatically to display your Share.

Important Note: If Javascript is disabled, or the link does not automatically jump to the new share, you will have to click the Change Server button.

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